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The Narrow Door


John this week speaks about the narrow path of salvation, he reminds us that the Christian life is a hard one, we should draw closer to God who will always be with us, and John also encourages us to look forward to our awesome future with Christ in Heaven

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Are You Longing for God's Glory?


Martin reminds us that Heaven is a place of refuge, forgiveness, no more tears, death or pain, where God’s will is done. Martins challenge:Are you Longing for God’s Glory?’ do we spend time in God’s word, set our hearts on His, and on our future with Him.

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Are You Fruitful?


John brings the word from Luke 13:6-17, following on from last week’s word on ‘Repentance’, he reminds us that genuine repentance leads to bearing fruit, and asks are we showing the fruit and character of Christ in our lives.

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A Call to Repentance


John speaks on three aspects of our lives that true Repentance affects: Our heads, hearts and hands, which should bring us into a closer walk with Christ and naturally urge us to confess and repent of our daily sins. Luke 15:1-5

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Make a Decision Now


Simon Bennett brings the word this week from Luke 12:49-59, speaking on the division that can occur among ‘men' and within us by God's invitation to salvation, as it conflicts with our sinful nature, but Simon urges us to make up our minds,and do it quick

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Be Ready


Martin brings the word from Luke 12.35-48, asking the question “Are we ready for Jesus' return?”, Martin also reminds us that God entrusts us with opportunities through life, so how do we respond to these and allow them to prepare us for His return?

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Thirsting for the Lord


John brings both a challenging and uplifting word from Psalm 63, John asks: ‘Do we truly thirst for Christ', do we earnestly seek Him first before and above all other things in life. John encourages us also to cling to God and meditate on His Word.

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Baptism Message & Testimonies


John's great Baptismal message and call to salvation, that we are saved by Grace alone through the sacrifice of Christ, through salvation we lay aside our old self and our made new in Christ. We also hear the wonderful testimonies of our five candidates.

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John brings a difficult to hear and preach word this week, urging us to let go of life's sinful materialistic worries/ties, and instead focus on Heaven in seeking the Kingdom of god, and give generously of our time and God given gifts. Luke 12:24-34

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The Rich Fool


Guest speaker Chick Yuill, brings a refreshing look at the ‘Rich Fool', he warns against our lives revolving, and our happiness depending on our possessions. He also reminds us that ALL wealth comes from God. May we give generously, just as God blesses us

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