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Chosen By God


John brings the word this week from Ephesians 1:3-14. Encouraging us as Christians that we were chosen [Elected] by God even before the beginning of Creation, that are minds and hearts would be opened and drawn to Him, and saved by grace alone.

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Justified by Faith, repenting from sin


Martin speaks from Luke 18:9-14. He reminds us that through faith in Jesus Christ we can be justified, freed from guilt and the penalty of sin, but Martin also encourages us to confess our sins so that we may find true reconciliation with Christ.

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The Power of Prayer


This week Alan brings the word from Luke 18:1-8. Encouraging us persistently bring our needs and concerns in prayer, always giving God thanks and the glory, and remembering that prayer is a two-way conversation, as we are to also listen for God’s leading.

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Remeber Lots Wife


This week John brings a challenging word, speaking from Luke 17.22-37. John asks us to check ourselves, in our walk with Christ: are we truly saddened when we fall into sin, and if we are assured of our salvation may we share the gospel and God’s love.

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Why did Jesus have to die?


John brings the word this week from Isaiah 6:1-8, speaking of God’s Holiness and ultimate expression of His, Love, kindness and Glory, by sending His only Son Jesus to die on the cross for us, providing the only way of atonement for our sins.

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How to Experience the Kingdom of God


Martin brings the word this week, speaking from Luke 17:20-21, firstly describing where the Kingdom of God is, one of which as a follower of Christ is in our hearts. Martin asks the question "how does your presence influence or transform others?"

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Say Thank You!


This week John brings the word from Luke 17:11-19, encouraging us to be thankful for all God has and is doing for us through His sacrifice, and that we may be ‘Bible Christians’ living examples of Christ’s love through our hearts and conduct.

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AYF Band of Uganda


This week we enjoyed the amazing AYF Band of Uganda, with their wonderful words of testimony and encouragement.

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Jesus Died For Me


John starts the year with a new series looking at ‘What the Cross means’ linking to communion at the beginning of each month. This time looking at the word from Isaiah 53, and “Looking at what the cross means, and what Jesus did when He died”.

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Nativity: J is for Jesus


John looks at how Jesus is our King, our Rescuer and our Emmanuel

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