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Warnings and Encouragements

16-06-2019 (11.15 MB)

Adam urges us not to be as the Pharisees, in their religiosity, thinking themselves above others, but rather we should reflect on the cross (Jesus), and the gift of salvation. He encourages us not to fear others, just remember only God's opinion matters.

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Jesus, the Pharisee and the Lawyer

09-06-2019 (13.58 MB)

John reminds us that salvation is not achieved through works, but by putting our trust in Jesus, encouraging us to put aside the ‘weights' of life, seek to be closer to Jesus, and to encourage and only correct other's in Christ like love. Luke 11:37-54

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Jesus the Greatest

02-06-2019 (14.46 MB)

John brings the word from Luke 11:29-36, speaking on God's greatness above all others, and of His ultimate sign of greatness through His death and Resurrection, that we can come to Christ for freedom from sin, testing everything we do by Philippians 4:8

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Is There Any Evil You Can't Overcome?

26-05-2019 (15.4 MB)

This week Martin speaks on the tough topic of demonic and evil warfare waged against us as Christians. He asks us to think on what may be stopping us from walking towards God and growing in the spirit, and to bring those issues to Christ. Luke 11:14-28

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Deliverance from the Occult

19-05-2019 (12.91 MB)

Our own Dawn Ellison bravely brings her powerful testimony of Salvation from her time dealing in paganism and the occult, with its many dangers before turning to Christ's saving Grace, restoring Light and hope back into her life. 1 Corinthians 10:20-21

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Persistant Praying

12-05-2019 (13.16 MB)

This week John encourages us to boldly but reverently approach God persistently with prayers for our daily needs, others salvation, deliverance from temptation, and of our loved ones salvation, along with wanting more of the holy spirit. Luke 11:5-13

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Deliver Us

05-05-2019 (13.61 MB)

A brilliant word from John, speaking on ‘Temptation', reminding us that as Christ was tempted, we to are allowed to face temptation but by God's grace He provides the strength to resist it, with the reassurance we are His child and the promise of Heaven.

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Forgive Us

28-04-2019 (11.77 MB)

A challenging and comforting word from Martin today, speaking on Forgiveness, using Jesus' perfect example and our realisation of God's forgiveness of our sins, may we ask for God's help in admitting our mistakes, so that we in turn love & forgive others.

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Christ is Risen

21-04-2019 (7.26 MB)

Guest speaker Felix (from CCP's Pais team) brings the Easter message, speaking from Luke 24:13-34, reminding us of Jesus' sacrifice bridging the gap sin created between us and God, and encouraging us to live our lives in the knowledge of God's Love for us

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Daily Bread

14-04-2019 (14.36 MB)

John continues the study of Jesus' teaching on Prayer, reminding us as God's children we have the privilege to bring our daily needs with thanksgiving to our loving Father, always remembering that our prayers would be for the glory of God and in His will.

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Duration: 31:23 m - Filetype: mp3 (64 kbps 44100 Hz)

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