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Weekly sermon recordings from The Sports Village Church.

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Nothing Is Impossible with God

21-01-2018 (13.4 MB)

Margaret brings the word from Luke 1:26-38. Through the story of Mary's virgin pregnancy we're reminded: that as we are willing take God at His word, to be used by Him, He will prepare and bless us with the capability to accomplish any task He calls us to

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What is God's No. 1 Priority for You?

14-01-2018 (12.95 MB)

Guest speaker Stan Smith brings the word on ‘God's priority for His people', reminding us of God's “Extravagant” show of His love for us, and that we are [should want] to love God in return with all our heart and to love and serve one another.

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Trust and Obey (2018 Theme)

07-01-2018 (15.77 MB)

Eric brings the start of our New Year's theme ‘Trust and Obey' based in Luke. Starting from Luke 1:1-25, encouraging us to dedicate time to bible reading, prayer and each other, bringing us closer into a trusting relationship with our loving Father.

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Jesus Our Rescuer (Nativity)

17-12-2017 (4.41 MB)

John brings a word of salvation for our Nativity meeting, speaking from Luke 2:1-20 of Jesus' virgin birth to become our ‘Ultimate Rescuer'.

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Advent - The Second Coming (Isaiah 40:1-11)

10-12-2017 (14.67 MB)

Eric brings the encouraging message of Advent specifically the second coming of Christ, encouraging us to ask ourselves are we ready and prepared for His return?, and a prompting for us to share with others the Love of Christ before it's too late!

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Deuteronomy 27-28 : Blessings of Obedience

03-12-2017 (16.77 MB)

This week Paul continues our Deuteronomy series with chapters 27-28. Speaking of the importance our obedience to God and putting God's word into practice, this opens up more opportunity for us to be blessed by God.

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Deuteronomy 12-26 : Caring for the Poor

26-11-2017 (14.72 MB)

Today Margaret brings a great word of what struck her most from Deuteronomy 12-26; Concentrating on certain ‘Social Laws' in regard to how God put's extra focus and care on those who are powerless, vulnerable or poor.

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SVC's 5th CAP Birthday!

19-11-2017 (16.54 MB)

SVC's 5th CAP Birthday! We hear testimonies of lives transformed by some of our CAP clients, also an overview by Laura of how our home visits work, and Ally speaks about our Life Skills courses, finishing with a further encouraging word by Helen.

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Duration: 36:08 m - Filetype: mp3 (64 kbps 44100 Hz)

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