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Psalm 91 - Our Refuge and Strength

17-09-2017 (14.01 MB)

Paul Davies reminds us through today's word from Psalm 91, that God will always be with us through our trials and difficulties, and will be our place of refuge, safety and restoration.

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Philemon - Brothers in Christ

10-09-2017 (11.28 MB)

Margaret brings a great word from Philemon, speaking on how Paul, Timothy and Onesimus from different backgrounds and classes came together as they found their hope and reconciliation through God, as brothers in Christ.

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Psalm 23 - The LORD is my Shepherd

03-09-2017 (11.72 MB)

John brings the word from Psalm 23, speaking on: 'The LORD (Yahweh) is my Shepherd' always with us as we go through ‘green meadows' and the ‘dark valleys', He is always faithful, with the future assurance of eternity with Him.

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Psalm 22 - Dealing with difficult times.

27-08-2017 (9.79 MB)

Eric brings the word from Psalm 22 ‘A prophecy of the suffering Messiah', how remembering Jesus' ultimate sacrifice and love for us can help bring us closer to Him and help us cope with the difficult times through our lives.

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Baptism Service

20-08-2017 (3.48 MB)

John brings a great word on our Baptism service, as we celebrate three more lives openly showing their commitment to Christ. John also asks us all; do our hearts still long for a continuing and growing relationship with God? Reading John 14:21 NLT

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Reaching out to Jehovah's Witnesses

13-08-2017 (10.49 MB)

Our own Dawn Ellison brings a very insightful look at Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs and how we as Christian's can best talk to them about God. It is also great to hear how God is using Dawn's online witness to show the real love of God to a number of JW's

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Psalm 103 - The Steadfast Love of the Lord

06-08-2017 (12.28 MB)

John brings Psalm 103, reminding us of God's sovereignty, righteousness, and His beautifully limitless Love for us. Reminded of this may our heart's desire to live for Him grow even stronger.

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A Hopeless Case(?)

30-07-2017 (13.32 MB)

Our own Margaret Brown brings the story of the ‘Demon Possessed Man' from Luke 8:26-39. Margaret reminds us that “If you run to Jesus for help, you're going to get it” it may not be immediate as it was with the demon possessed man, but...God will answer!

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Duration: 29:05 m - Filetype: mp3 (64 kbps 44100 Hz)

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