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Jesus Died For Me


John starts the year with a new series looking at ‘What the Cross means’ linking to communion at the beginning of each month. This time looking at the word from Isaiah 53, and “Looking at what the cross means, and what Jesus did when He died”.

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Nativity: J is for Jesus


John looks at how Jesus is our King, our Rescuer and our Emmanuel

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Having the atttitude of Christ


John delves into Philippians chapter 2 verses 3 to 10 and challenges us to live our lives with the attitude that Christ lived his with.

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Entitlement, Work and Servanthood


This week Martin brings the word, speaking from Luke 17:7-10 Martin encourages us in the fact that through Christ sacrifice we gain entitlement to His Kingdom, but we intern must bring our own sacrifice of service to others, and putting others first.

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Forgiveness and Faith


John brings the word this week from Luke 17:1-6, encouraging us to forgive others before asking forgiveness from God, and for us not to be cause a temptation to sin for others, and lovingly correct others over a sin, after first checking ourselves!

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The Heart, The Law and Marriage


John’s wonderful sermon on a difficult passage, from Luke 16:14-18, John reminds us that God judges the heart, as we are not saved by law but by Christ alone. John also speaks on SVC’s biblical stance on the difficult topic of Divorce and re-marriage.

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A Great Reversal, a Great Chasm and a Great Guide!


Challenging us to live, speak and thinks as though there is a day of decision from God’s hand coming. Also encouraging us to be the person that recognises that their timetable will only unfold according to their plans, God willing. Luke 16:19-31

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Focussed and Present


Martin brings an excellent challenging word. That in our lives of endless distraction Martin urges us to keep ‘the main thing the main thing’ being Jesus, to keep Jesus as our focus, giving him a chance to speak into our lives before other things distract

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