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Weekly sermon recordings from The Sports Village Church.

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Daily Bread

14-04-2019 (14.36 MB)

John continues the study of Jesus' teaching on Prayer, reminding us as God's children we have the privilege to bring our daily needs with thanksgiving to our loving Father, always remembering that our prayers would be for the glory of God and in His will.

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His Kingdom Come

07-04-2019 (12.06 MB)

John speaking from Luke 11:1-4, encourages us to seek first the Kingdom of God, by daily submitting to God's leading, Righteousness and Holiness, showing love to those within and without God's family, and that we would live ready for His return!

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Holy Be His Name

31-03-2019 (14.94 MB)

John brings the word from Luke 11:1-4, teaching us how to pray, with a reverent fear of God. In the knowledge of His love, we are to give praise and thankfulness for all He has done through our salvation, and obedience in response of our love for Him.

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Intamacy, and not Distraction

24-03-2019 (13.3 MB)

Martin uses the familiar story of Martha & Mary, to encourage us to pursue intimate time with Jesus and letting our actions be out of love and not obligation, along with not being too distracted by the busyness of life to nurture our earthly relationships

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The Lawyer's Question!

17-03-2019 (10.43 MB)

Simon Bennett brings an insightful word today of the Good Samaritan, from the lawyer's point of view it seemed all about the law, but the parable show's it's a wonderful testimony of Grace which we so freely enjoy and so must freely give to all others.

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The Three Joys

10-03-2019 (11.41 MB)

John encourages this week from Luke 10:17-24, speaking on three Joys from the passage, the first being the Grace of God, secondly that we rejoice in the Person and Work of Jesus, and thirdly in that God hides things from some, yet reveals things to others

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Raise the workers!

03-03-2019 (14.17 MB)

John brings a tough put positive word from Luke 10:1-16. John encourages us to earnestly pray for our friends, town and country. He also warns us against materialism, in living without excess, and be careful to meditate and practice what you hear.

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Follow Me

24-02-2019 (16.49 MB)

Martin speaks this week from Luke 9:57-62, firstly encouraging us in that Jesus has taken care of all our life 'baggage', and in light of this Martin challenges us to think of us what remains in our lives that keep us from wholeheartedly following Jesus.

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Duration: 36:01 m - Filetype: mp3 (64 kbps 44100 Hz)

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