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Weekly sermon recordings from The Sports Village Church.

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The Presence and Promise of God

23-09-2018 (14.68 MB)

John's first official sermon as SVC's Lead Pastor, speaking very aptly from Joshua 1, speaking on the handover from Moses to Joshua, reminding us of God fulfilling His promise, and the importance of being obedient and willingness to serve the work of God.

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Time to Pass the Baton

16-09-2018 (12.67 MB)

Eric's last sermon as Senior Leader, speaking on our inspirational passage of Hebrews 12:1-2, of running the race with endurance, to keep our eyes on God, and encouraging us to dedicate ourselves to the work of God, looking forward to Joy in eternity.

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Duration: 27:40 m - Filetype: mp3 (64 kbps 44100 Hz)

The Sign of True Faith is Love

09-09-2018 (16.18 MB)

Alan brings a great teaching from Luke 7:36-50, speaking on the story of the sinful women, who showed her great love for Jesus in response of his forgiveness, and in turn may we love Jesus likewise in the faith that our many sins have also been forgiven!

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Duration: 35:21 m - Filetype: mp3 (64 kbps 44100 Hz)

Jesus and John the Baptist

02-09-2018 (14.49 MB)

John brings an inspired word from Luke 7:18-35, speaking of the miracle of salvation and keeping ourselves Holy: specifically through:- reading the bible, prayer, worship, and partaking in the Lord's Supper. John also speaks on wisdom and spiritual doubts

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Duration: 31:39 m - Filetype: mp3 (64 kbps 44100 Hz)

The Compassion of Jesus

26-08-2018 (13.49 MB)

John brings the word from Luke 7:1-17, speaking on the stories of ‘The Faith of the Centurion' and ‘Raising a Widow's Son', reminding us of Jesus' awesome compassion, and of God's promise to never leave us through life's trials and tribulations.

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Duration: 29:27 m - Filetype: mp3 (64 kbps 44100 Hz)

Grace, Faith and Fruits

19-08-2018 (12.79 MB)

John brings another challenging yet positive word, this time from Luke 6:39-49, pointing out that as followers of Christ there should be evidence through Fruit of the Spirit, and that only through the Holy Spirit we can show's God's Grace in our lives.

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Duration: 27:56 m - Filetype: mp3 (64 kbps 44100 Hz)

The Great Commission

12-08-2018 (12.2 MB)

Guest speaker Wiramu Kingi (senior youth worker at CCP) brings his passion for the youth of Leigh and a word close to his heart from Mathew 28:16-20 encouraging us to share through our daily lives of God's love and sacrifice.

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Duration: 26:39 m - Filetype: mp3 (64 kbps 44100 Hz)

Love for All

05-08-2018 (11.94 MB)

John brings a positive challenge from the word of Luke 6:27-38, teaching on Christian Love as ultimately the reflection of the character of God, and that through God's perfect example we should aim treat all others as we would wanted be treated ourselves.

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Duration: 26:05 m - Filetype: mp3 (64 kbps 44100 Hz)

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