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Weekly sermon recordings from The Sports Village Church.

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CAP Sunday & The 4 B's!

13-01-2019 (11.93 MB)

This week was our special CAP Sunday, Ally and Laura speak of the positive impact being made by our SVC CAP work, along with an uplifting interview with Paul who joined us through our CAP Life Skills courses. Phil also presents SVC's Mission of the 4 B's!

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Run The Race, Fixing Your Eyes on Jesus

06-01-2019 (10.24 MB)

John brings a great message as he speaks on an old topic but a new focus for us this New Year, of ‘Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus', as we rest in God's love and keeping, and that He would be with us agan this year as we draw closer to Him. Hebrews 12:1-2

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A Christmas Word

23-12-2018 (2.54 MB)

In our last meeting of 2018, John brings a Christmas Word and a call to salvation, reminding us of God's limitless love for us and ultimate sacrifice to save us from our sins and so that we may enjoy a personal and eternal relationship with Him.

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Joy to the World

16-12-2018 (7.9 MB)

As a prelude to the nativity, Eric talks about Joy to the World, the Lord is come

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Attaining Total Forgiveness

09-12-2018 (18.84 MB)

After a short message from Eric, Paul Davies then brings his final sermon for SVC before his and Karen's move to Ireland. Speaking from Genesis 37, he uses Joseph's journey from pit to prime minister, to teach us how to achieve God given total forgiveness

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The Marks of a Christian

02-12-2018 (11.73 MB)

John brings a great yet challenging word today, on the marks of a Christian, speaking from (among others) 1 John 3. John defines the character of a true Christian using three criteria: Trust, Obey and Love.

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Not My Problem

25-11-2018 (10.68 MB)

Martin brings a positive but challenging word from Luke 9:10-17, revealing what the 'Feeding the 5000' passage is all about, and through that encouraging us to have compassion and to being a blessing to others in the opportunities that arise.

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Visions Night Feedback

18-11-2018 (14.68 MB)

John firstly brings a word from 1 Peter 1:13-25 on the importance of being Holy in ALL we do from our jobs to service in our SVC family. John then gives feedback from our recent Vision Night covering four topics: outreach, prayer, service and discipleship

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Duration: 32:04 m - Filetype: mp3 (64 kbps 44100 Hz)

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