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Feedback from Vision Night

Only a couple of weeks following John becoming Lead Pastor at SVC, at the beginning of October, he hosted the first SVC Vision Night we have had for a while.

Having had time for the Leadership Team to digest the result of the meeting, John fedback to the rest of the church on Sunday.

He began by reading 1 Peter 1:13-25 to remind us of how important it is to be Holy in ALL we do in ALL areas of our lives.

The 4 main points than John then raised were:

  • Outreach (CAP & Socials)
  • Prayer (prayer meetings, prayer breakfast, life groups)
  • Sunday Service (“food for our soul”, ALL to be part of the welcoming team – to show the love of Jesus)
  • Discipleship (the call to follow Jesus is the call to become a disciple, Life Explored course)

He confirmed that all the above will be continued to be talked about by the Leadership team. He assured us that everyone is listened to and encouraged us to step out and to think not what SVC can do you for you but what can you do for SVC – every person is as important as each other… everyone welcome, talk about your ideas, we are family.

John affirmed the vision and that he wants everyone to be part of it! If you would like to listen to this, or any of our other sermons, they can be found in the Podcast option on the website, the link is: http://www.sportsvillagechurch.com/podcast/ . The details for this particular sermon are: Vision Night Feedback, date: 18th November 2018

SVC meet in the Harriers Building on Leigh Sports Village, Sunday afternoons, starting at 4:30pm  www.sportsvillagechurch.com


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