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Just a short update on the Ladies Day that we hosted on the 9th September.  We had a great time – no more wonderful sound than 40+ ladies all worshiping God together!

We spent time thinking about our influences and how we can influence others, we heard testimonies from 2 wonderful ladies, we were lead in beautiful worship and we shared food together (which wasn’t quite as planned but what I always love about our days is that everyone ‘mucks’ in together to make it work!).

After lunch we spent time in 3 prayer area (quiet, craft and reflective) and ended the day with a fire pit where we could leave things we wanted to hand over to God to deal with.

Thank you to all the beautiful ladies that came, to all those who helped in any way and for those who supported us in prayer and encouraging messages.

**Also just a quick Happy Birthday shout out to SVC as we celebrated our 9th birthday this month. PRAISE GOD!!

SVC meet in the Harriers Building on Leigh Sports Village, Sunday afternoons, starting at 4:30pm  www.sportsvillagechurch.com


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