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We know that there is already a CCP ‘Who are you’ slot, but we thought it would be a good way for us to also learn more about some of our people at SVC too. So every so often we will be asking … ’Who are you’?


This month we ask SIMON EDWARDS……WHO ARE YOU??


How long have you been coming to SVC?

This May it will be 8 years!

Favourite meal/food?

I’m quite partial to a Roast Dinner!

Person you most admire in the Bible and why?

Joseph (Son of Jacob). The importance of Forgiveness has been a strong message lately and Joseph is a shining example of that, in forgiving his brothers, as well as being a person of integrity.

What do people know you best for doing at SVC?

I volunteer on the Life Skills courses, produce the CAP Prayer Letter, manage the SVC website and recently you might also spot me at the back on the AV desk.

Have you always lived in/close to Leigh (if not where are you from)?

Almost, I was actually born in Southport, we then moved to Leigh when i was 4 years old and have lived here ever since.

Favourite colour?


Do you have a favourite book of the Bible?

John. I find it an uplifting book especially on His gift of Peace the Holy Spirit, the miracles He performed, and the security of Jesus’ declaration of ‘I AM’

3 words that describe you?

Determined, Encouraging, Techie

Do you have a 9 to 5 job?

I run my own very small online retail business from home, selling accessories for Radio Control models, it frequently run’s outside 9-5 hours, but it does give me much needed flexibility.

What is your biggest passion/like to see change?

I love anything to do with Technology, along with my hobby of RC Models (of course)

On a spiritual note it has been a privilege to see people’s lives changed and in some cases brought to Christ through the Life Skills courses and our CAP centre, I look forward to seeing that continue.

SVC meet in the Harriers Building on Leigh Sports Village, Sunday afternoons, starting at 4:30pm www.sportsvillagechurch.com


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