SVC CAP Prayer Letter  – SUMMER Edition 2017 (July)

From Laura…….

Thank you for your continued prayers for our CAP centre. It is a tough job and it’s always nice to have our church family behind us and praying with us, for us and for our clients.

I have a few general requests. As always, giving the budget visit figures is always a hard one. Please continue to pray that clients will see the bigger picture, stick to their budgets and pay in.

Pray for any clients who come to church. Pray they feel welcome and a sense of God’s love and a ‘family feel.’

Prayer Points

  • Client A- Please pray that she will find a new house in her budget, as she is unhappy where she is at the moment and very stressed. Pray for peace and to trust that God will provide for her.
  • Client B- I have been trying to see this client for a month now. He doesn’t have a phone and is never in. He has a support worker but sometimes she doesn’t reply or answer her phone. CAP are almost at the stage of closing his account- pray that if we are meant to see him, there will be a way for us to book the visit in.
  • Client C- This client is house bound and has a son who spends her money. As it stands she doesn’t want to work with us. However I had a phone call from her support worker on 25th June and off the client herself explaining that she does now want help. Pray we can come to some agreement regards her sons spending and that he will also understand his mum has a budget to stick to and can’t spend all of her money
  • Client D- This is a young mum who is struggling to pay in. She wants to- but is worried. Pray that she gets used to the budget. I saw her today and she was stressed as a few letters had arrived. I explained the budget again and she is having a think.

Pray for all clients. That they will carry on paying in and that they might want to try church.


Thank you God for a fabulous CAP client event! (Life, Laughs and Lobby). It was heart-warming to see so many volunteers too, giving up their evening to help pick clients up, welcome them and befriend them. We had a good turnout and it was a successful evening.

Thank you also for our lovely ex client T who was asked to tell her story at a recent CAP fundraising dinner. Her story of how CAP and God have changed her was so lovely to hear and there were lots of tears! I felt like a proud mum haha!

Thank you for your prayers, support, words of encouragement. They really do mean so much. It can be daunting, stressful and lonely sometimes this job-and it helps knowing the church is with us!

Laura x

Life Skills Prayer Requests – March 2017

Prayer for Ally & the team.

  • Prayer for befrienders to come for lunch and chat to the members.
  • Pray for emotional energy for Ally and the volunteers as they meet people with difficult situations and real burdens.
  • Prayer for wisdom about how much can be done pastorally for each member.
  • Pray some new ideas to develop our community times and volunteers to help deliver these: maybe craft sessions, things that will build friendships between members.
  • Pray again for coaching to work out so that people will own their progress and carry out learning goals.
  • Ally will be shortly having a new CAP line manager, please pray for the new manager as he has less experience of Life Skills, and for an accountable and supportive relationship to develop.

Life Skills Praise & Thanks

  • Praise God for two people making a commitment since the last prayer letter! One made at the Discovery Break and the other at a Client event. Both are at SVC most weeks. Thank God that one of them has been to some Alpha sessions at CCP.
  • Thank God for one member being re-united with her son, as we prayed for on the last letter! Pray that she continues to make good financial and healthy choices with the extra pressure of looking after another person.
  • Thank God that our graduate who has moved on to the Oxfam training is now also gaining experience in our Bridgewater’s Café!
  • Thankful for a faithful volunteer who picks one member up every week.

Please feel free to pickup the FULL list of Life Skills Prayer requests along with the CAP prayer letter on your next visit to Church. Thank you.

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