SVC CAP Prayer Letter – Winter/Spring 2018

Helen’s prayer requests

  • D After a long period of indecision, has now finally started working well CAP, please pray that this continues.
  • R & M – M works full time, but the family struggle on the low income, they are also having problems with their tax credit, pray that their income will stabilise.
  • B has multiple complex health needs, please pray for his healing.
  • Praise God for new homes for J & M and also S, please pray that they settle in well with their homes.
  • S & C despite working with CAP for over 3 years they struggle to stick to their CAP debt plan, please pray that their issues resolve quickly so that they can resume their plan.
  • H has persistent health issues, pray for healing and the provision of a job.

Our CAP team are booked up for the next 3 months, pray for the right people to take appointments, and that others will be willing to wait for the most effective help.

  • Please pray for our CAP team as a whole that they will have the energy to cope with the high demand.

Laura’s prayer requests

Once again thank you all for your prayers-we really appreciate them and could not do our job without prayer!

We have visits booked up until the beginning of May-which is great but I always do worry, it mustn’t be nice to ring up in need and be told there’s a wait, pray I can use my time wisely.

Please pray for continued support from both SVC and CCP – we really appreciate it. At times I come away from visits and just think wow ‘If CAP weren’t involved where would they be now?’ So thank you!

  • Please pray for Clients A and B. Both are not really engaging and paying in. They have the potential, so please pray these little bumps get ironed out and they start to pay in.
  • Please pray for Client C. Had a rough time lately and is really interested in engaging with church.
  • Pray for Client D. Has lots of other issues going on and CAP is just one of the charities helping her.
  • Pray for Clients E and F…who have been in-between visits for a while now- they just needs one or two simple things! Please pray that these get sorted!
  • Pray for my ongoing clients who are almost at budget stage or paying in well. Pray they continue to do so!!
  • There is a client event at The Bridge Church in March- Rod is there again doing his tricks and fish and chips!! I am praying I can take a car full of clients!

Thank you God for our wonderful supporters!! We have been very blessed with a new group of befrienders and I am so thankful for them!! It’s such a stressful job as it is, without having added stresses of having no volunteer to come with you!! I’m sure ‘more befrienders’ has been on my prayer list since we started these prayer letters ha!! So thank you wonderful prayer warriors for answered prayer!

Ally’s prayer requests for Life Skills:

Please can people pray:-

  • That returning members really get to grips with coaching and make progress towards their goals.
  • For some of the people who were referred this time but haven’t made it, pray that they will come after Easter.
  • That we will find ways of sharing Jesus’ love with people, so that they ask questions and respond when the gospel is shared.
  • For B: that God would lift the burden of alcoholism from his shoulders and restore his life and relationships.

You can download a PDF copy of our Prayer Letter Here, your prayers are incredibly important, effective, and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Please also feel free to pickup a printed copy of the CAP prayer letter on your next visit to Church. Thank you.

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