Our SVC CAP & Life Skills Prayer Points – Spring 2019

As well as reading below you can also download a PDF copy of our Prayer Letter here, your prayers are incredibly important, highly effective, and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Please also feel free to pickup a printed copy of the CAP prayer letter on your next visit to SVC. 

Laura’s prayer requests 

Thanks as always for your continued prayers! We have had a time of adjustment for our CAP centre this year-so prayer is most definitely needed!

If we could pray for Helen Bolton as she moves on to focus more on her family and for our new debt coach Angela Barton that she will settle in well and not be too overwhelmed by the job. On a personal note if you could pray for myself as I move onto the role of centre manager and as I write this I have a broken finger on my right hand so prayers would be good!

Praise points!:-

We had a really successful befriender training day in Bolton on the 24th April where we had 9 lovely Leigh folk there! It was a great time of worship, training fun and fellowship. If you would like to become part of our team please come and see me!

I had a lovely little lunch date with three debt free clients at Bridgewaters Café, where I presented them with their debt free certificates. This is such a lovely touch from head office but also such a good way to keep in touch with the clients-to say well done for persevering to pay in, and to check how they are managing with their finances now. I am hoping to have these debt free lunch dates every quarter.

Prayer points:

Sadly I had some really sad news of one of my clients. A young man M who came to church with me actually for the nativity service sadly died a few weeks ago. I was really upset as he was such a nice man, but his addiction to alcohol proved too strong. Please pray for his family, especially his young son.

I have a few clients who aren’t quite paying in yet. Please pray that they will see the importance of paying in to us first when they first get their wage/benefit.

Please pray for Client C as she prepares to move house

We have a CAP client coffee and cake social on the 21st May. These events are put on for the clients and it’s always a little bit hit and miss whether anyone will actually turn up! Please pray for us as a CAP team as we prepare to plan this and that clients would actually show up!

Prayer for my remaining clients that they will continue to pay in and be blessed by the work we are doing!

Pray for the trustees:- Stuart, Phil, Barbara and Barry as they discuss the nitty gritty parts of the cap centre! And for Sandra as she continues to support our work as the treasurer.

Pray for the volunteers, and give thanks that we have such a lovely team!

Thanks as always! And welcome to the team Angela!

Laura x

Ally’s prayer requests for Life Skills:

Praise God:

  • We are about to start a new course, with 10 newbies signed up
  • Our Graduate course for returning members has run once and everyone had lots of fun
  • There are at least 4 members coming to SVC regularly
  • 2 members attended most of Life Explored (course for seekers/new Christians)
  • for one couple who are starting to cope better financially because of money tools learnt in Life Skills
  • for one member getting a job
  • for one member wanting to become a trained volunteer

Prayer points:

Volunteers and Ally-

  • We all have some pretty major things happening in our lives and this can cause our ability to be available and how much focus or thought we can give to Life Skills.
  • Specifically- Susan Murray needs crucial surgery- may the least invasive solution work and may she continue to lean on God throughout.

New members

  • Many people about to start on 3rd May have mental health difficulties, learning disabilities or some form of autism. Please pray that they can make friends and be able to look outside of themselves at others needs and situations.
  • Pray we listen well and understand members and their needs
  • For fun and humour throughout all the sessions
  • For me (Ally) as I try to include everyone and not let a couple of dominant members do all the talking in the activities.

Graduate members

  • For relationships- that the environment of Life Skills would help members forgive and move on when they annoy each other or have differing opinions!
  • Discipleship- that people at church build friendships with members coming and Life Skills volunteers are not the only people who know them
  • Witness- for the graduates attending who don’t engage with the “God bit” to learn a little of God’s love as they enjoy the group
  • For those in the group with anxiety, temptation to self-harm, who feel on their own, and who find family relationships a challenge, all of these are present.


  • For our Coffee and Cake event with Wendy Parkinson telling her story and presenting the gospel on Tues 21st May– our organisation, volunteers and listening hearts of members and clients.

Universal Credit:

Please pray for members who have to transition to this benefit.  If they have no reserves to draw on they will have no money for basics for weeks. It can take months to get back on track, using food banks and needing support from our community fund. Please pray that the government would change the system which requires the ability to read and fill in letters/forms and access to the internet to communicate with the DWP.  People who already feel left behind are beaten down by the whole experience and there is so much need that it feels overwhelming when trying to help. 

Thank you!


Daz HewittCAP Prayer Letter