SVC CAP Life Skills Update 2023

Another CAP Life Skills has been and gone!
We’ve had eight regular Life Skills members supported by Dawn, Andrea and I, and eight Graduates with Helen L and Kath H. Behind the scenes, Daphne and Roy have served all our food and drink needs.
Some really amazing friendships have been formed between members this time and one person is now a regular member of Hobby Hive. Members have had their share of bereavements, ill health and frustrations from a complicated benefits system but they amaze me every time in how they keep getting back up again to face the week. We know that Life Skills is a contributor to this something members look forward to at the end of the week, a knowledge that others are having similar battles in life and a message of Hope that things can get better.
A highlight for me this time was when I brought out a nice shiny £5 note and started telling the story of all the things it had been through misused and screwed up I splodged another spoonful of jam on with each part of the story. Would anyone still want it? Of course, someone did! I was able to show the members that even though events of life make us feel less valuable we were made by God and valued by Him, and just like the £5 we are just as precious no matter what has happened or what we have done.
Budgets have been made, burritos were cooked, money has been saved on utilities, people have grappled with the idea of forgiving others and tools for mental wellbeing have been given.
Please pray for all the lovely people that they would see that it is Jesus behind the fabulous atmosphere they love and feel safe in at Life Skills.
And please come and chat to me any time about being involved in volunteering, praying or giving! “
Much love, Ally



Daz HewittCAP Life Skills Prayer Points