SVC CAP Prayer Letter – Summer 2018

Helen’s prayer requests

There are a number of clients needing work, please pray for provision of rewarding secure and non-zero hour job positions.

One of our couples have sadly always ‘run away’ from their debt issues, and seriously struggle to stick to their debt plan, please pray for a miracle that they would settle and stick to their plan and work to become debt free.

Praise God! A client we helped from a few years ago has now recommended his girlfriend to our CAP team; this is a real encouragement to our team.

Please pray for a long term client who has always declined invitations to our events throughout the summer, please pray that they would feel able to attend one and be blessed by it.

One of our young couple’s relationship has sadly broken down, leaving a now single mother and baby, please pray for a new CAP plan to be drawn up quickly and one that she will be able to stick to

Praise God! CAP Head office in Bradford are now able to process debt relief orders far quicker due to a recent increase in staffing, so in turn they are able to see and help more people as well.

One of our couples are currently filing for bankruptcy; please pray that God provides a source for them to pay the fees involved as they currently can’t afford to save for  these.

A young mum is struggling to stick to her debt plan, especially now that summer has arrived and having to find ways to entertain the children cheaply.

A BBC crew recently followed one of our clients daily life and as they attended Church meetings. Please pray that they edit the footage in an honest manner and don’t allow any evil influence to portray Christianity in an incorrect light.

Praise God! Founder of CAP John Kirkby has been awarded CBE in the latest honour’s list; this is a real boost to all the work CAP does, and an open display of blessing on the work and can only help to further it even more!

Laura’s prayer requests

Hi Guys. Thanks as always for your prayers and support over the last few months. We really appreciate it. We have had a good few months with us speaking at CCP on the 29th April which went really well!

Clients D and D. They have a situation at home regarding mice and rats and just want to move. This is adding to their stresses regarding their debt. Please pray that if the right house comes available they will be able to move in. If this isn’t the case-pray the mice/rat situation can be solved asap.

Several clients have said the amount they need to pay in is too high. CAP head office sort the budget out and always try to do it fairly-giving good allowances. Paying back debt is hard!! And I try to explain the benefit of working with CAP and the fact yes it is hard sticking to a budget but that if they do they will be debt free!! One young girl is avoiding my calls at the minute and the others aren’t responding to texts. Please pray that I will be able to know to trust when to persevere with a client or when to close the account. We can’t make our clients pay in!

Client S is in the middle of a separation along with being on the waiting list for a council house. Please pray that the right one will come up for her and the split will be amicable as they have a daughter.

Client J – please pray that her anxiety lifts slightly regarding her debts and that her bailiff’s don’t knock on her door again.

Client G – is almost debt free: she just needs one piece of paper! Please pray she can get this sorted quickly.

J needs help with her bankruptcy form. Please pray I use my time with her wisely.

On a personal note I am struggling at the minute. I have had a few no shows and clients who are wasting my time! I also feel head office are being slightly pedantic over little things!! Please pray I learn to prioritise, pray more when I’m working and that my stress with lift slightly!

We have had several clients go debt free which is amazing! We also have a waiting list for 4 weeks which is much better than 3 months! We want a nice balance of having clients booked in-but I think being booked too far in advance is too much for the clients. 4-6 weeks is ideal really.

Thank you again for your support. I have had a new group of people wanting to volunteer to come out on visits, which is such a huge help and blessing.

Ally’s prayer requests for Life Skills:


Please pray that when members respond to talks we have the right people and the follow-up resources to help them grow spiritually and in to the family of God. We currently have 2 members who have attended the first “Life Explored” session, please pray they keep coming and put roots down.


We have a lot of members who want to keep returning, because they love the community, or appreciate the support.   Please pray we would work out how best to support them whilst keeping the feel of the group open and welcoming to new people.  Pray for our vision, the planning and resources needed to maintain a relationship with these returning members.


We have a number of members who live at home with parents or carers.  Please pray for them to grow in independence and ability to take responsibility for their own money, health and cooking. Also pray for wisdom and patience for their carers who are trying to look after them but often worrying about their futures.


Pray for the coaches as we try to help members change their lives for the better, that we would be good at agreeing small manageable steps with people and holding them accountable. We need a tricky mix of gentleness and assertiveness!


Praise God for a faithful team of volunteers. Often a member may arrive upset or down about something. I am so grateful that we have enough people involved that one person will just be able to sit and listen to that member while all the other practical things carry on around them. So many weeks I come home and think that I couldn’t have stopped and given someone the attention they needed without disrupting the group, but one of the volunteers was able to brilliantly.

Thank you!

You can download a PDF copy of our Prayer Letter Here, your prayers are incredibly important, effective, and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Please also feel free to pickup a printed copy of the CAP prayer letter on your next visit to Church. Thank you.

Daz HewittCAP Prayer Letter