SVC CAP Prayer Letter – Autumn 2017 (November)

Helen’s prayer requests

  • A’s husband has recently passed away, please pray for strength as she deals with her loss and that she will be able continue paying into her debt plan.
  • Helen has several clients with addictions; this makes it difficult for them to stick to their debt plan, pray that they will have the strength to stick with it.
  • H has recently had an unplanned pregnancy; pray this won’t have a negative effect on her sticking to her debt plan.
  • T & M both have mild learning difficulties; pray that they can stick to their debt plan, and for the right support to help them in their day to day life.
  • J Is in residential care; pray for the social worker to understand her needs and to support her with finances.
  • E & P’s relationship is currently going through a rough patch which is affecting their debt pan, please pray for a resolution.
  • Praise for H & M who have finally sought out help from CAP, after a long period of non-realisation of needing help.
  • Two clients have recently come through caesarean births, please pray for their quick recovery and that they are able to get some rest.
  • H has also recently had an operation; pray for her recovery and healing.
  • D Needs rehousing with a disabled bathroom, please pray that he will be accelerated through the waiting list and for the house to meet his needs.

Laura’s prayer requests

  • Client S – Thankful that she had a wonderful time away with her son. She came home with a changed attitude towards CAP and has signed her standing order ready to pay in. Pray she sticks to the budget and that everything runs smoothly.
  • Client G – Please pray for her anxiety. She hasn’t been out of the house for a long time and is missing important medical assessments too. Please pray for little steps and that one day she can come to church.
  • Client D is almost ready to pay in-we have needed a lot of paperwork for this. I think the final piece is the council tax bill for their new property; please pray we can get hold of this with minimum fuss.
  • Client I – Pray she attends our Life Skills course, as I really feel this will help her alongside the debt centre.
  • Client L- I haven’t been able to pin these clients down; pray I’ll know when to chase and when to let go. Pray also for them as a family and if they don’t need our help (as they have two new jobs) please pray they will manage and budget on their own.
  • Client W – Clients have three young children and are worried about Christmas. Please pray that the children will understand (they are only little) and they don’t feel the need to get into more debt to buy lots of presents. Pray for generous hearts around them and their church family that they will be blessed.
  • Client D has a low income and has had a job offer turned down due to a reference out of her hands. Please pray that the right job will turn up and for it to be just the hours/location she needs.

Please continue to keep all my clients in your prayers. As always a big thank you for your ongoing support.

Please can we also ask for your prayers for our upcoming CAP 5th Birthday Party!! (19th Nov). And also the CAP Client Christmas Party. Pray that clients will come and that they will be blessed!

Praise God for our centre being full all year. Praise Him for our lovely volunteers. Each time I have taken a volunteer on a visit I have always felt a sense of peace and ‘they were the right person for that particular client’. Thank you God that we have close relationships with the foodbank and can help our clients with a food parcel literally the same day we meet with them.

Please also feel free to pickup a CAP prayer letter on your next visit to Church. Thank you.

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