SVC CAP Life Skills Prayer Points – Autumn 2019

Ally’s prayer requests

Please can I ask you to pray pray pray?!  Our service has become well recommended and on the day of writing (26th Sep’) this I am gearing up for the possible arrival of 15 members tomorrow!  If they all come we will be really busy.  Each person brings their own needs and personalities and it can be difficult to balance them all, and for me not to go into problem solving mode for each person.  The first couple of weeks  can be emotionally really challenging.  Please pray for wisdom about what we can and can’t help with.  Life Skills is meant to help people become more independent and bring about their own change at their own pace, not do it all for them.

Please pray for my core volunteers:  Sharon McBride, Sue and Rob Murray, Helen Leakey, Simon Edwards. They all give to Life Skills amidst family, job changes, and health complications.  Please especially hold Sue and Robin in your prayers as recent surgery to Sue’s brain has not stopped the horrendous headaches and she is having to have further investigations.

It is a great sadness that we are losing the Debt side of our CAP centre.  Please pray for Laura, Angela, and for Helen Bolton as they grieve for this amazing service, and for the clients who are still on Debt repayment plans being supported by the Wigan centre and head office. Please pray that our supporters will value the work of Life Skills enough to continue to give financially so that local referral agencies will still have somewhere to send vulnerable people where they may find hope; and we may have the opportunity to enrich their lives practically and spiritually by introducing them to Jesus.

Lastly please pray for some of our returning members to be in a place where I can train them up and have them as volunteers, ultimately that they could become trained coaches.  It makes a real difference to the members that Sue and Sharon were CAP clients and have been in a place of despair and come to know God’s strength to cope with life. It would be fabulous to have some more similar team members to show the hope of transformation.

Thank you for all your support– prayer, financial and practical.  Your commitment to client events and appeals like hampers; the provision of the Café where I take clients for affordable food and friendly environment; your care for the people we are reaching is a blessing to both them and me. 

Much love


You can also download a PDF copy of our Prayer Letter here, your prayers are incredibly important, highly effective, and greatly appreciated. Thank you. 


Daz HewittCAP Life Skills Prayer Points