CAP Christmas Hampers 2017

13/09/19 From Helen: “I know you’ll tell me it’s too early to mention Christmas but just picked up a good idea for another CAP centre. if everyone brought one item to church each week to put in our Christmas hampers we’d be able to really blessed the delegates and clients so let’s start with September. Bring pasta rice or other store cupboard staples. In October we could collect chocolate items. By November we can move on to Christmas cakes and puddings then December bring mince pies etc. please just bring your donations to church each Sunday we will probably be doing about 50 hampers this year so that’s a lot of food to collect. Also please collect the large fruit/veg boxes (Aldis are perfect size and strength)”

21/09/17 In regard to Christmas Hampers – Tesco currently have an offer on Chocolate Oranges 3 for price of 1 (£2), if it’s something you feel able to buy, these would be great for the hampers . Thank you.

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 5th: Source night @ Andy & Helen’s

Saturday 9th: Ladies’ Day (9.30-14.00) – See Steph for details.

Friday 15th: The re-start of Life Skills. This was also planned to be our Job Club launch but sadly this has had to be temporarily postponed, but we pray that it will only be for a short time. Please keep both activities in your prayers.

Sunday 24th: CAP Sunday – An update on all our CAP activities.





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